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Our production facility is located in Caserta. This is where we work with a process using an inexpensive and fully reusable zinc-based catalyst. It acts in homogeneous phase during the reaction at the temperatures used, after which it is filtered, recovered and reused in the same reaction.

Our process

It does not produce waste either in terms of by-products or emissions to the atmosphere.

Possession of 2 patented technologies that have brought bothproduct innovation in the field of offset printing and process innovation in the production of the solvents we manufacture.

Both patents were confirmed in the European phase (1) EP3577173 and (2)WO2021149025A1

Those who use this solvent work at a lower temperature and take less time. Ex. currently to make a basic ink there is a need to work at 120 degrees and for 4 hours.
With ours it goes down to 70 degrees, working on it an hour to an hour and a half maximum.
So there is great solvent power.

Increased sustainability

Lower utilization

Best performance

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