We transform vegetable oils into innovative high value-added bio-ingredients for industrial use.


Our Partners and Customers

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The perfect solution for the production of
inks, paints, lubricants and cosmetics

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Printing Inks offset for packaging food

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Machine cleaners from industrial printing

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Basis for wood paints and ceramics

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Facial cosmetics

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Hair cosmetics

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Isuschem is your Ideal Partner

Our innovative and sustainable solution protects the environment, biodiversity and promotes the circular economy.

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We produce environmentally and ethically sound, high value-added bio-ingredients derived from sustainable vegetable oils. We guarantee high performance for the industrial sector.

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Stability in Prices and
Environmental Sustainability

Our products are carbon neutral, ensure cost stability, achieve Agenda 2030 criteria in reducing CO₂ emissions, and protect the environment.

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Raw Materials

Our renewable materials come from catering waste vegetable oils or marginal crops not related to the food chain and promote the circular economy.

The solution to the industry’s problem: renewable raw materials with high added value

We vigorously address industry challenges, with a special focus on the issue of fossil feedstocks or deriving from palm oil and soybean.

These traditional choices have negative consequences for biodiversity and food commodity prices, with significant impacts on the environment.

Our answer is an innovative and sustainable solution that preserves biodiversity and contributes to a better world by offering an alternative that does not impact land consumption.

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3 innovative bio-ingredients suitable for different types of markets

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Used for cosmetics in hairbeauty, skincare and sunscreens

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Used for industrial applications in textiles, tanning,metallurgy

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Used for food packaging, wood and ceramic paints.

Start your Green Revolution today

Explore the potential of our customized bio-ingredients

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Join the Green Chemistry Revolution.

Do you want to embrace a more sustainable future and make a difference?

Partner with us!

We will transform the industry together through sustainable and innovative solutions.

Request a personalized consultation and find out how our bio-ingredients can improve your production and your company’s environmental impact.