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    Italian Sustainable Chemistry
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We are a group of researchers from the Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II and of young local entrepreneurs who are creating a new way of doing research and production.

Our business consists in the industrial synthesis of products derived from the treatment of waste oils and not related to the production chain of food raw materials.

These oils represent a fraction of the so-called "third generation biomass" which does not involve the use and conversion of oils deriving from soil consumption for the cultivation of products in the food chain.


What do we do

Our activity consists in basic research and in the industrial synthesis of products derived from waste oils and not deriving from crops intended for edible oils. These oils are part of the so-called third generation biomass which does not involve the use of products deriving from food crops and does not subtract soil from the cultivation of products from the food chain.

How we make it

This approach of ours, which starts from waste oils from the food sector, respects many principles of Green Chemistry and therefore fits into the development lines of the Circular Economy because it gives new life to waste products that otherwise would have ended up either in incineration or in any case in the sector. of fuels. The low E-factor, the high atom economy and the use of renewable raw materials are all points in favor of the approach presented. Always returning to the principles of green chemistry, it is important to point out that our process involves the use of an inexpensive Zn-based catalyst, which acts in a homogeneous phase during the reaction at the temperatures used but which is then filtered, recovered and reused in the same reaction.


The main products that the company aims to put on the market are above all the class of innovative solvent products for the whole world of printing, graphics and cosmetics. These solvents derived from medium-short chain fatty acids from waste vegetable oils have been successfully used in the formulations of offset printing inks for food packaging, for cleaning agents for printing machines and as a starting point for wood surface coating varnishes and pottery. These esters that the company intends to place on the market have also been preliminarily used as eco-sustainable surfactants and emulsifying agents as well as additives for the formulation of cosmetics in the trichological sector and sunscreens.


In the sector of offset printing inks intended for the food packaging sector, new products can be obtained thanks to the particular solvent capacities of the synthesized esters in order to standardize the production processes without having to resort to different solvents when using different resins as currently occurs. In addition, significant energy savings are obtained by decisively improving the production conditions of the base paints because, again thanks to the surprising solvent capacity, the process can be carried out at a lower temperature and with significantly shorter production times. In the cosmetic sector it is also possible to formulate innovative products that are not currently present on the market, for example in the trichological sector for fixing coloring pigments and in the sunscreen sector where the esters produced have given very interesting preliminary results as innovative solvents active ingredients that are difficult to dissolve with the products available to date.



Staff introx

The Staff is made of a group of researchers from the department of Chemistry of Naples Federico II university and young local entrepreneurs who have decided to get together to try to create a new way of doing research to produce.

Vincenzo Benessere
Vincenzo Benessere
Massimo Melchiorre
Massimo Melchiorre
 Gigliola Cesario
Gigliola Cesario


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